Performance Management: Why the ‘system’ doesn’t work

PWC’s 2017 HRD pulse survey made for interesting reading. One of the findings was that most organisations polled have changed, or are set to change their performance management, model. This is nothing new, in my 15 years working in Multinational organisations, changing the ‘model’ was a constant; generally underpinned by the rollout of a system that promised to be the panacea to managing performance. The thinking was that if you improve the system, you improve the process. And in theory,…

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Workplace inspections: The role of the WRC

Employers often ask me for guidance around their responsibilities towards their employees. What to put in a contract, holiday and leave entitlements etc. I am also frequently asked similar questions by (sometimes disgruntled) employees and furthermore, asked how and what happens when an Employer is in breach of legislation. The Workplace Relation Commission’s Inspection Services (formerly known as NERA: National Employment Rights Agency) are responsible for the monitoring of Employment rights in Ireland. They do this through their powers of inspection of all…

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