What We Do


Human Resources and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion consultancy and support

Perspective HR provide Human Resources and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion consultancy and support to a broad range of organisations within Ireland; particularly small and medium sized enterprises but also international companies who require local HR guidance.

Depending on your needs, we can provide one off project support, such as advice or training, or we can act as your virtual HR department, providing regular on call guidance and scheduled time on your site as required.

HR issues can be incredibly time intensive when undertaken without specialist HR support. Think of the time it takes to recruit the right person or manage a poor performer. Put a value on your time, and see the cost add up. Let us provide the expert solution to your needs to ensure prompt and professional resolution to enable you to focus on your area of expertise.

What we do

We make great, impactful Human Resources services accessible and understandable, to businesses of all sizes in Ireland…including yours!

People & Culture

Performance Management. Organisational design. Team building. Communication strategies. Engagement and Wellbeing. Outplacement services.

Learning & Development

Coaching for managers. Employee development. High performing teams. Training Needs Analysis.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Design and delivery of training. Workplace audits. Reporting guidance and support.

Health & Safety

We help businesses create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for employees whilst ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations

Recruitment & Selection

Job analysis and design. Management of the recruitment process. Interviewing and assessment centres. Employee On-boarding.

HR Compliance & Administration

Policies and Procedures. Employee handbook. Company policy review and update. Contract management.

People & Culture

An organisation with a people focus leads to a more motivated and engaged workforce and a great company culture that can help attract and retain key talent.

Today’s employees are motivated by more than money: open communication strategies, an opportunity to give and receive feedback and benefits that suit their lifestyle and enhance their wellbeing.

Talk to us about how you would like to engage with your employees, we can provide practical solutions that will add value to your team:

  • Team Building initiative
  • Performance Management
  • Communication Strategies
  • Wellbeing and Engagement
  • Outplacement supports

Learning and Development

The only constant in business is change. The capacity to develop your workforce to bridge skills gaps and provide opportunity creates a culture of continuous learning in your organisation. L&D is not just for large organisations, every business can benefit from a fit for purpose strategy.

Not only do we provide you with an analysis of your organisation’s training needs, but we can provide your learning and development requirements too. By helping your people develop their skills, we can help maximise their potential, and thus their performance.

  • Leadership and management training
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Succession planning
  • Health and Safety training

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

A diverse and inclusive workplace is beneficial to both employees and employers. Not only is embracing EDI the right thing to do, but a diverse workforce provides a wider range of perspectives, ideas and experiences that can lead to greater innovation and better problem-solving and decision-making. In addition, inclusion fosters a sense of belonging and respect, leading to increased employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty. Finally, it promotes a positive image of the company, enhancing its reputation and appeal to clients as well as top talent in a competitive labour market.

PerspectiveHR can support your ambitions here:

  • Online and in-person training
  • Group workshop facilitation
  • EDI audits
  • Policy and documentation creation
  • Support with legislative and reporting requirements.

Health and Safety

We help businesses create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for employees whilst ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

  • Developing and implementing health and safety policies and procedures compliant with Irish legislation;
  • Delivering manual handling training as well as Health and Safety training for Line Managers;
  • Conducting Display Screen Equipment audits and assessments to ensure compliance with safety regulations and identify areas for improvement.
  • Providing guidance on managing workplace accidents, injuries, and illnesses, including reporting requirements
  • Supporting employers to make reasonable adjustments based on their employee’s specific needs.

Recruitment and Selection

Investing in the recruitment process is time and money well spent. A great hire will act as a cultural catalyst for your organisation and will represent the company’s brand in the most positive way. They’ll bring fresh ideas and add value to the team.

We love when great people join great companies and have the tools to make it happen.

Talk to us about your role and the type of person you need for it and we will advise how we can help in the following areas:


  • Role definition
  • Advertising
  • Screening
  • Interviewing
  • Contract Management

HR Compliance & Administration

With PerspectiveHR, you can be confident that your organisation is meeting its requirements towards your employees. Let us provide you with what you need to ensure clarity for all, and set the professional tone for your business, leaving you to do what you do best.

  • Employee contracts
  • Employee guidebooks and policies
  • Employee relations – grievance and disciplinary issues.
  • Redundancy and restructuring
  • Employment legislation
  • Guidance and advice
  • Updates on new and emerging legislation and trends